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Wellness is more than being free from illness, it is a dynamic process of change and growth, a state of complete physical, mental and social wellbeing. Glow’s spa concept has been carefully curated with six pillars of wellness in mind – Bespoke Skincare Rituals & Buccal Sculptural Facial Massage, Touch Therapy Massage and Tailored Bodywork , Customized Hand, Foot and Nail Treatments , Curated Lash and Eye Enhancments, Chakra Balancing and Alignment Rituals, Meditational and Physical well-being using our one of a kind LED Bed LightTreatments. Our singular goal is of achieving this ideal balance of Integrated Holistic Wellness for every guest.

Glow’s Signature Menu reflects the Grounding, Purifying and Nourishing formations of our product range. A deeply relaxing, mineral-rich Foot Ritual is a prelude to each treatment.This is also symbolic - an act of humble service that fosters in trust, helping guests to fully benefit from their treatments that follow.

Improve your energy level & overall sense of wellness

Holistic Massage

Although Holistic massage is well touted now a days, many people are unaware of how well this treatment can actually benifit them. Holistic is the practice of services treating the mind and body as a whole. The aim is to restore harmony and peace to your entire being resulting in a happier, clamer and healthier you. This treatment is performed by a well trained therapist versed in a variety of areas of health from anatomy to nutrition to physiology. Your therapist will ask you for a detailed medical and lifestyle history so that they may customize the therapy to your specific needs. (Don't skimp on the answers to these questions, though some may feel the need to rush through them, they lead to a VERY important part of your treatment and ultimately your over all results.) In additon to the over all sense of healing and wellness this treatment can bring, there are also MANY other benefits achieved from a proper Holistic service.

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