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Get "instant beauty" by enhancing your eyelashes. Any technician can give you a set of lashes but at  Glow Day Spa, our highly trained "lash artists" use award-winning, long-lasting, medical grade products including pure silk and mink materials to create gorgeous, stunning lashes that not only provide a stunning lush, lash line but equally enhance the shape and over all appearance of your entire eye area. From modest to glamour and everything in between we've got you covered!


We use a variety of medical grade, top of the line products, sourced from around the globe, to provide you with the absolute best in eyelash enhancements.
Hybrid- Full Set- Starting at $260
Mink- Full Set- $225
Silk- Full Set- $190
Silk- Partial Full set- $150
 Hybrid Fill $95
Mink Fill $85
Silk Fill $75
1/2 Fill Mink and Silk $50

Benefits of Eyelash Extensions

What can you do when your eyelashes are simply not long enough? Everyone that has short eyelashes will envy a man or woman that walks into the room with thick, long lashes that make their eyes stick out. The truth of the matter is that there is not an easy solution to a person?s eyelash woes. There is not a magical pill or a treatment that can be performed to turn your short lashes into long, thick lashes.

The beauty industry knows that long eyelashes are in high demand. Now, a solution has finally be revealed. Eyelash extensions allow anyone to be able to add length to their eyelashes any time that they want. In fact, extensions are affordable and come in many different styles. Some lashes are even able to be put on at home. Other forms of extensions are far better suited for salons.

The benefits of eyelash extensions go well beyond basic aesthetics. Let?s take a look at why eyelash extensions may be the best way to give yourself a boost of confidence.

You Will Look Younger

Studies have shown that people that wear eyelash extensions look younger. These extensions make the face look fuller and allow the wearer to seemingly turn back the clock on their age.


As a person wears these extensions, they will naturally draw more attention to themselves. This will allow you to feel more confident and it will definitely show to everyone around you. If you are single, married or dating, you will notice one thing ? eye contact. When you have beautiful eyelashes, people have no problem with staring you in the eyes at all times. You will become the center of attention.

You Need Less Makeup

Are you tired of putting on eye makeup every day in an attempt to cover your flaws? Women from all over the world waste time trying to make their eyes look just perfect in the morning. This is not an issue with eyelash extensions.

Extensions naturally make your eyes look beautiful. There is no longer a need for lengtheners or trying to hide your short lashes under makeup. Instead, extensions do the job for you. They are beautiful enough where you could wear no eye makeup at all and still look perfect. There is no words to describe just how amazing extensions can be.

Extensions Last a Long Time

Unlike other extensions, eyelash extensions last a very long time. These extensions are going to last for 3 ? 4 weeks before you need to refresh them. The refreshing process is normally done at a salon and will make sure that the lashes last longer and look exactly how they did when they were first applied.

The refreshing is not expensive and will only take 60 minutes to complete.

Natural Lashes are not damaged in the Process


Damaging can occur to your natural lashes when using cheaper extensions. Those that choose to use quality extensions will not have to worry about their eyelashes being damaged in the process. This means you can have the extensions removed and you will not experience a loss in hair in the process.

Glow Day Spa has the best eyelash extensions in Tampa, Fl.

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