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Experience a form of healing and relaxation that has been used for centuries. Massage therapy can relieve stress and anxiety, improve your energy level and provide you with an overall sense of wellness. Please speak with your technician about any problems or conditions you may have, so that an appropriate massage may be created specifically for you.
Holistic Massage
Although Holistic massage is well touted now a days, many people are unaware of how well this treatment can actually benifit them.  Holistic is the practice of services treating  the mind and body as a whole. The aim is to restore harmony and peace to your entire being resulting in a happier, clamer and healthier you. 
This treatment is performed by a well trained therapist versed in a variety of areas of health from  anatomy to nutrition to physiology.  Your therapist will ask you for a detailed medical and lifestyle history so that they may customize  the therapy to your specific needs. (Don't skimp on the answers to these questions, though some may feel the need to rush through them, they lead to  a VERY important part of your treatment and ultimately your over all results.)
In additon to the over all sense of healing and wellness this treatment can bring, there are also MANY other benefits achieved from a proper Holistic service.  
  • stimulates the muscle tissues,
  • Reduces stress and makes you more alert.
  • Releases toxins from the body. 
  • Relieves emotional tension, and the resulting headaches and stiffness in back and neck. 
  • Nerves become more alert.
  • Circulation is improved and strengthened.
  • Relieves symptoms of depression.
  • Decongests and relieves sinus pressure.
  • Improves respiration.
  • Improves and leads to the relief of Digestion issues by improving circulation.
  • Enhances bone strength.
  • Joint movement is improved and strengthened.
  • Promotes faster healing.
  • Endorphin release leads to a reduction in pain.
These results are best achieved with weekly or bi-weekly appointments. After your treatment, the therapist will advise you of what YOU can do at home to ensure long lasting, better results. This could include gentle exercise such as yoga, or something as simple as drinking more water and fewer caffeinated drinks. These steps will lead to a better, healthier, stress free YOU.

Our Signature GLOW Soothing Stone Massage
The ultimate massage, utilizing smooth basalt lava stones which radiate deep penetrating heat to melt muscular tension and create a sense of well being all while balancing the mind, body and spirit. This massage is a must try for anyone.  60 min $125 | 90 min $165

Swedish Massage
A nurturing massage which induces  a peaceful and relaxed state with the classic strokes of light to moderate pressure to increase circulation and relieve muscular tension. Duration: 60 min $85 | 90 min $125

Deep Tissue Massage
Designed for those individuals wanting to target specific muscle groups. This massage reduces muscle aches and tension while eliminating toxins. Duration 60 min $95 / 90 min $135



Prenatal Massage
A beneficial massage for both mother and unborn child during this magical time, this treatment aids in relaxation, improves circulation and diminishes lower back pain. Enjoy a soothing pampering experience all while you indulge in laying on you?re stomach again with the aid of our special maternity pillow system. Duration: 60 min $100 | 90 min $145

Seasonal Aromatherapy Massage
Allow us to Whisk you away on a journey of the senses during this  relaxational massage. Choose either Deep Tissue, Swedish or Hot Stone massage and we will incorporate fresh organic seasonal essential oils during your treatment. Duration: 60 min $100 | 90 min $140

Aromatherapy Scalp Massage
Let your mind and body relax while your senses play during this half hour of bliss. Your choice of organic essential oil blends are used while your technician massages out every bit of tension in your scalp. Great for migraine suffers. You?ll feel relaxed down to your toes. 30 min $60

Couples Massage
Share a moment of relaxation with your best friend or loved one. Choose either Deep Tissue, Swedish, Aromatherapy or Hot Stone massage and we will incorporate fresh organic seasonal essential oils during your treatment. Duration: 60 min $190-$260 | 90 min $270-$360

*Please make reception aware of any special requests you may have at time of booking.

Massage Accompaniments


Hot stones
Add hot stone to any massage *only one area of the body

Select from a wide range of organic essential oils to enjoy during your massage

Whipped Cocoa Butter
Allow your technician to envelope your body in a luxurious Cocoa Butter during your massage.

French Rice Powder Finisher
Your technician will apply one of four French Rice Powders after your treatment with a sable puff brush, leaving you silky soft.

Reflexology $25.00
(15 minutes)

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