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Glow Day Spa begins each customized skincare treatment with a thorough skin analysis to allow our technicians to determine which products and accompaniments will provide you optimal results. We specialize in treating a variety of hormonally induced skincare issues including, but not limited to, acne, cystic acne, hyper pigmentation and cellular degeneration. It is Glow's philosophy that in order to achieve the absolute best results in skincare, you must combine organic medical grade products and treatments with decadent "spa like" pampering to reduce stress in the body which leads to greater skincare results. You are encouraged at this time to discuss with your technician any problems or concerns you are experiencing, including any prescriptions or stress inducing situations you may be under, and the results you want to achieve. Depending on your needs, your technician will be able to discuss a recommended protocol for you which may include paramedical grade skincare peels (lactic, glycolic, salicylic, resorcinol, and VI), micro dermabrasion, hyperbaric oxygen infusions, dermaplaning, and anti oxidant cocktail infusions, for instance.Your technician will also discuss what you can expect after one treatment and if multiple treatments will be necessary in order to achieve your desired results.

Each skincare treatment is customized exclusively for you and  includes a seasonal herbal steam, extractions, exfoliation and highly effective effleurage (facial massage) to insure proper penetration of the product?s healing and soothing ingredients used by your technician. As a "pampering" enhancement to each skincare treatment, clients enjoy neck and shoulder massages and a hand and arm exfoliation using warm organic, essential oil infused towels. Your skincare treatment continues with a customized ?couture? mask made specifically to suit your needs and ends with a dusting of our French rice powder applied to the décolleté to "seal" hydration into the skin. You will be amazed with the results. Below are some examples of skincare treatments using Intraceuticals, Eminence Organics, Yonka Paris and Skin Authority signature products.



Advanced Holistic Skin Care Therapy


There are many things that set Glow Couture Day Spa apart from the rest but we believe our outstanding reputation is not only based upon our success in delivering the highest quality, result-oriented therapies but it is equally due to our extensive research and dedication to providing our clients with nothing but the best in way of organic and Holistic services and products.  Our unique philosophy and commitment to using highly effective, natural and organic formulas combining medical grade, Nobel Prize winning science with nature's most repairing and healing elements is something that we believe is truly special. We are committed,  not only to indulging our clients with the highest level of treatment available but equally committed to providing them with the knowledge, tools and inspiration that will lead to looking and feeling their very best from the inside out in a healthy, safe an above all NON TOXIC manner.


We are dedicated to constantly improving ourselves by striving to  seek out the best, most innovative techniques and products the world has to offer.

It is important to us that your experience is as individual as you are. Our quest is to create a personalized, relaxing and indulging  environment in which all of your needs are met, and your expectations exceeded. The following treatments and products are an intregal part of Glow's practice in Organic and Holistic health care.

It is our belief that the term "aromatherapy" is often used too lighly, with little emphesis on true meaning.  A true Aromatherapy treatment is a deliberate combination of pure Organic esential oils carefully selected based on each clients particular needs, stress level and aliments.  Once chosen, these oils are either inhaled or massaged into the skin allowing them to reach the circulatory and nervous system, where they create a powerful effect in aiding in the alleviation of several issues including depression, anxiety and stress. If you choose, the remaining essential oil combination can be given to you to be used as an at home treatment.
Reflexology~ This ancient method of massage activates the pressure points of the feet and hands, inducing relaxation which in turn relieves stress, improves circulation and engages the body's own healing system.  This treatment can also be incorporated in your facial session for an additional charge.  60 min $85 | 90 min $125
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 The GlOW Signature Facial
Indulge yourself with this decadent treatment that starts with a warm sugar facial scrub followed by an organic herbal steam suited to your skin type. Next we apply an oxygen infused serum to enhance the benefits of our stimulating facial massage. We finish this luxurious facial with a whipped customized antioxidant masque followed by an infusion of pure hyperbaric oxygen, all while your hands & feet are enveloped in warm lavender paraffin. This is  known by many as the "Holy Grail" of skincare treatments combining the perfect mixture of pure indulgence coupled with state of the art  skincare. You will feel renewed, and your skin will be luminess,  departing  with our signature GLOW and a bounce in your step.
Duration: 75 minutes | Price: $250
Deep Cleansing Organic Facial
Using stimulating, exotic spices and fruits from Hungary, this facial will increase circulation aiding in detoxifying the skin. Customized to suit your needs. Highly recommended for those with oily, congested skin or acne, our techniques are sure to keep your skin smooth and healthy preventing future breakouts and congestion. * This facial is typically preformed with either an enzyme, lactic or glycolic peel accompaniment.
Duration: 60 minutes | Price: $155
 Bespoke Stem Cell  Buccal Treatment (performed by Wesley)
This anti-ageing treatment combines cellular renewal ampoules customized to your skin type, combined with micronized stem cell serums applied with the Buccal  technique; a particular type of massage that stimulates internal and external muscles, resulting in immense radiance. This treatment is the only of its kind in Tampa and recommended every two to three months. 90 minutes $375   
Anti-aging Facial
Using only the highest quality, state of the art products and practices, this treatment "attacks" aging from a cellular level literally reversing cellular damage caused by free radicals, producing results like none other.
Duration: 60 minutes | Price: $155

Anti-Oxidant Facial for Sensitive and Rosacea Prone Skin

Our philosophy regarding rosacea prone skin is unique and highly effective.  Our technicians are highly trained in this department and believe calculated stimulation of the capillaries combined with a  nuturing technique and calming products provide stellar results.  You be the judge...
Duration: 60 minutes | Price: $145

Gentlemen's Retreat Facial

Sure to meet the demands of every man?s skin, this treatment is excellent for all skin types including those suffering from over exposure to the elements. This facial is detoxifying and exfoliating as well as healing and hydrating. Prepare to be pampered.
Duration: 60 mnutes | Price: $145

Teen Facial

A gentle yet effective cleansing of young skin. Teaches teens and pre teens the proper way to take care of their skin.
Duration: 45 minutes | Price: $100

Beautiful Back Facial

Pamper yourself with this deep cleansing facial for the hard to reach back area which includes cleansing, exfoliation, extractions and massage.
Duration: 50 minutes | Price: $95

**All of our skincare experts are trained by Wesley and highly educated
in their craft. Wesley herself is well regarded in the field of esthetics and
 has spent over 15 years training throughout the world on the newest and
most advanced esthetic treatments available today.  Appointments with 
Wesley start at $250 and up depending upon service rendered 


Facial Accompaniments

Thirty Dollars

Customize your facial and enhance your experience by incorporating these additional couture services into your treatment.

Youthful Lip Treatment | Lactic Acid Treatment | Glycolic Acid Treatment
Salicylic Acid Treatment | Revitalizing Eye treatment | Collagen Infusion
Vitamin C Infusion


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