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Your airbrush tanning session at Glow Day Spa will begin with one of our tanning technicians consulting with you on the appropriate custom color for your individual skin type. The formula varies depending upon the natural color of your skin and the results you are trying to achieve.

Your consult is followed by you disrobing to your level of comfort and applying "sole protectors" to the bottoms of your feet to insure your feet do not absorb any tanning solution inadvertently. Your technician will then expertly airbrush every inch of your body by hand with a customized hydrating, antioxidant infused solution. Within 10 minutes you will walk away with a gorgeous, bronzed, sun-kissed tan lasting 6-10 days. No odor and not a hint of orange, just beautifully bronzed skin. No SPF required….

Choose from an array of customized solutions including organic and anti-aging.

1 Session: $65
3 Sessions: $180
10 Sessions: $550
Face and décolleté only- $25-30
Legs only- $35.00

*although it is not mandatory, we advise that you wear loose dark clothing to your tanning session.


Benefits of Airbrush Tanning


Having beautifully tanned skin is something that people no longer have to wait to achieve. Instead of only being tan for a few months out of the year, people are turning to alternative methods of tanning that do not require warm weather. With everyone flocking to tanning beds, new alternatives have popped up that take the dangers out of tanning.

Airbrush tanning is one of the least dangerous forms of tanning and it works exceptionally well. In fact, airbrush tanning looks better, costs less and does not burn or have the ability to cause cancer. In essence, airbrush tanning far exceeds the benefits of other forms of tanning greatly.

Before you decide to go tanning, you must know the benefits of airbrush tanning and why this form of tanning has gained so much exposure.

Quick Application

There is no time lost with an airbrushed tan. You simply step into the room and allow this spray-on application to be applied. Within just 20 minutes, you will be completely done and will not have to wait to see the tan develop. There will be no red spots or blotching seen like there is when someone goes into a tanning bed.

Natural Look

Oftentimes, tanning beds make a person look more orange than tan. This is not the case with airbrushing. When done properly, this tan will look absolutely natural and never turn you orange. You must be cautious of what type of airbrushing is taking place. If applied incorrectly, you will also have mismatched tans or the horrible orange color that no one wants.


You have much more control over the tanning process when using airbrushing. If you want to add more definition to your abs or arms, you can ensure that they are targeted during airbrushing. This will ultimately add more definition to your look without any effort on your part.

The best part is that everyone is doing this from celebrities to bodybuilders. If you want to have the perfect beach body, you can accentuate your muscles to achieve it.

No Tan Lines

Tan lines may or may not be your preference. By using airbrushing, you will never have to worry about tan lines again. This works very well when you are going to an event and want to wear a beautiful strapless dress without fear of tan lines getting in the way. Simply airbrush the area so that there are never any tan lines present.

Long Lasting

Are you worried that your perfect tan will be gone in days? Contrary to rumors, air brushing will keep you tan for 7 - 10 days. 

Less Visits

No one wants to have to go to the tanning salon every other day. With airbrushing, you only need to go 3 - 4 times a month to maintain a perfect tan. There is no need to go every other day to ensure that you remain tan.

This will also lead you to save a lot of money in tanning costs. Since there are less visits involved, you will not need to spend as much money as you would with normal tanning sessions.

Non-professional Possibilities

While it is recommended to go to a professional to achieve the best overall tan, this is not a necessity. You can apply the same airbrushing techniques at home. This may or may not work to your ultimate benefit. Oftentimes, people will miss spots or not apply the bronzer evenly when they do it themselves. For the price, you should go to a professional for best results.

Colors can be Adjusted

Sometimes, the color of your tan is just not right for your complexion or skin tone. You may want a darker skin color or maybe a lighter color that looks more natural. Airbrushing allows this to be done with great precision.

No Cancer Risks

One of the biggest concerns with conventional tanning in the sun or even tanning beds is that there is a risk of skin cancer contraction. This is a major concern and sort of an unknown with tanning beds. Since there are no UV rays in use when a person is airbrushed, these concerns are eliminated.

No Streaks


Streaks will make your tan look less natural and they are very hard to remedy. With the use of airbrushing, you will not have any streaks present. These applications are done with sprays where it is virtually impossible to have any streaks occur. Your tan will be even and streak-free.

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