Exquisite Airbrush Tanning

A hydrating and antioxidant infused solution

Your airbrush tanning session at Glow Day Spa will begin with one of our tanning technicians consulting with you on the appropriate custom color for your individual skin type. The formula varies depending upon the natural color of your skin and the results you are trying to achieve.

Your consult is followed by you disrobing to your level of comfort and applying "sole protectors" to the bottoms of your feet to insure your feet do not absorb any tanning solution inadvertently. Your technician will then expertly airbrush every inch of your body by hand with a customized hydrating, antioxidant infused solution. Within 10 minutes you will walk away with a gorgeous, bronzed, sun-kissed tan lasting 6-10 days. No odor and not a hint of orange, just beautifully bronzed skin. No SPF required.

Customized Tanning Solutions

*although it is not mandatory, we advise that you wear loose dark clothing to your tanning session.

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